Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of general questions we are often asked about staff recruitment and placement and the role of a butler.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

  • 1What are your fees for staff recruitment?

    For full time, permanent positions we charge 15% of gross first annual salary (plus GST for placements within Australia).   This is a one-off fee.  We do not charge a retainer fee to commence the recruitment process.  Please contact us to request our complete terms of business.

  • 4What if the placement does not succeed?

    Should a candidate resign or be dismissed within 3 months of placement and provided that the client has paid all fees due, we will find a suitable replacement candidate at no additional cost.

  • 5How many candidates to you present for a position?

    We aim to present 3 candidates demonstrating a range of skills and attributes matching the position profile.   As recruitment professionals it is our role to apply our skills and expertise in selecting only those candidates who we believe will best meet the client’s requirements.

  • 6Do you reference check candidates?

    Yes. We personally reference check our candidates and require any successful candidate to obtain a criminal history record check prior to commencing employment.

  • 7How long does a butler / house manager stay with an employer?

    The length of tenure for a butler / house manager is entirely dependent on each set of circumstances.   We request a genuine commitment from our candidates to remain in a position for a minimum of 2 years although many stay for much longer.

  • 8Do women work as butlers?

    Absolutely.  A growing percentage of butlers are women – the profession is no longer the male bastion it used to be!

  • 10Do you advertise positions on your books?

    Very rarely.   We have a unique network of past graduates of the Australian Butler School and candidates who have been registered with us throughout their careers.  We rely on this private network to fill positions and 99% of the time there is no need to advertise.  We do not advertise without prior permission from the client.

  • 12What are the working days / hours for a butler?

    The butler’s working week is negotiated with the employer and may often include evenings and weekends when functions and events are scheduled.  Flexibility and effective time management are the keys to a successful working relationship.  Hours averaged over the year should not be excessive or burn out will occur.


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