The Australian Butler School Testimonials

Graduates and clients frequently express their appreciation of the service provided by Australian Butlers.

We strive to surpass expectations and are happy to accept praise when well deserved.

A recent celebrity visiting Sydney told us he had never been looked after so well anywhere in the world.  The visitor’s book reads ‘A wonderful holiday thanks to the excellent staff’.

Below are testimonials of appreciation from our students and those who have experienced our trained butlers in service.

Here is what they had to say about us. (For confidentiality reasons we have not included their full names).

Graduate Testimonials

"As JW and I chatted on line we agreed that the training your provided was superb and has served us both well in our positions.  Each week we are called upon to handle more and more large homes in our area and each week I hear your voice as I am knocking on the front door of a gargoyled, modern day castle."

DE - President, White Glove Services, Florida

"I've never worked so hard or so long and enjoyed it so much!"

MS - Residential Manager/Chef private residence Brisbane Australia

"Best career move I've ever made and all the more enjoyable working for a great family.” 

GF - House Manager private residence Sydney Australia

"I'm so excited about this great job and great opportunity to make a difference to my employer's lives."

AS - Estate Manager private residence Melbourne Australia

"I've never worked so hard in my life but I just love this job!"

DG - Butler/House Manager - Melbourne Australia

"I've only just started but I know this is what I want to do."

PM - Government House Perth

Client Testimonials

“We are totally pleased with all that Australian Butlers do for us. It is wonderful to come into our apartment after a few months absence and feel that we have been away for only a few hours."

F & LH – New York

"Thank you for working so closely with us over the past few months to provide such professional household staff.”

SV - Melbourne

"David is the top professional we were looking for – thank you, it’s been a pleasure working with you to find the right person.”

Government House – Northern Territory

"The service provided by Australian Butlers in setting up the house we rented to meet our specific needs ensured our Sydney holiday was a wonderful experience.”

DH – Hong Kong

"Pamela Spruce has looked after my Sydney home for many years. It is always a pleasure to return, knowing how well the property is cared for and prepared for my arrival.”

DK – London

"Thanks for Super Ron, he made our holiday.”

STR – London

"When my PA has a holiday, I immediately ring for an Aussie Butler!”

AL – Sydney

"The service provided by Australian Butlers for my Sydney stay, I have not experienced anywhere else in the world.”

PG – Chicago

"It was great to have such professional help during the holiday season – thank you.”

VMD – Jakarta

"Thank you for continually providing us with excellent staff.”

LM – Hayman Island.