Exceptional Services Six Steps

Publication: Bungendore Weekly  
Published: 26-Aug-2011

Australian Butlers operates an international business from Braidwood, dealing on a daily basis with demanding customers. Our philosophy is simple – to exceed our client’s expectations.

The service industry is diverse and whether you work in a shop, or a bank, the local council chambers or a hotel or a restaurant, the manner in which your customers are served will influence their view of the establishment and the town.

Customers have preconceived expectations of service and how those expectations are met influences their perception of the quality of service delivered, whether they will use the service again, and how they will speak to others about the organisation or service provider.

There are six steps or components to exceptional service:

  1. Greeting the customer – responsive service starts with a responsive greeting.  Country people have a reputation for warmth and friendliness and a welcome smile says a lot. 
  2. Determining needs – listening attentively to the cusomer’s request
  3. Meeting needs – providing the customer with the information or product they require.
  4. Making the moment memorable – this is where you do something special, and it could be something as simple as a smile.  Whatever it is, it makes the customer feel valued and enhances their service experience.  A dog owner, for example, will remember an establishment that provides a bowl of water or a shady spot for a pet whilst the owner is inside.
  5. Checking results – this is a way of ensuring the customer is receiving service that meets their expectations.  For frontline service providers, to gauge the quality of service you can simply ask.  Responses of course, may not always be positive.  But a complaint should be treated as an opportunity.  Research shows that customers who complain and get their complaints resolved satisfactorily are actually more loyal than if they had no problem at all.
  6. Leaving the door open – by that we mean encouraging return business.  Show the customer that you appreciate them with expressions such as “it’s been a pleasure assisting you”, “thank you for shopping in Bungendore”, inviting them to revisit the experience.

Customer service in all businesses is enormously important.  The more local businesses provide exceptional service, the more positive is the reputation of the region.  Our area has a lot to offer and if we can add exceptional service to the mix, our reputation as a tourist destination will be one of which we can be justifiably proud.

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